Lilit Cosmetics ltd is the leading cosmetic group in Israel for over 80 years. The group is the sole importer and marketer of leading international cosmetics and perfume brands, as well as the owner and operator of the leading international makeup brand stores – NARS, and the owner of the self tanning brand - BYNETA

The company operates from its innovative logistics center located in Shoham. The center, established in 2015, meets the needs of operation, management, training, storage and distribution to all points of sale throughout Israel and is managed according to the standards of international cosmetics companies

The group's chairman is Ms. Nitza Bilet, the company's CEO is Uri Bilet, the company's staff consists of about 700 employees, including 150 staff and about 550 beauty consultants located in 400 points of sale throughout the country in all chains: Super-Pharm, Hamashbir, BE, April, and other selected points of sale

Lilit Cosmetics ltd is a family owned company that operates in Israel since 1938

משרדי לילית קוסמטיקה

Our Vision

Lilit operates in light of its self-defined vision

To Lead the Israeli market in the field of cosmetics and perfumes with the leading international brands

To Develop over time with creativity and renovation

To Maintain the principles of reliability and fairness

To Cultivate excellent relationships with its staff, suppliers and retailers

To Be a family company for its long-loyal staff

To Contribute to the community in various projects throughout the year

To Offer professional  development and promotion plans for its employees

To Be up-to-date with the latest relevant technology in the industry

To Cultivate financial strength as a source of greatness and security

To Preserve the flexibility of changing according to the market

To Strive for every home in Israel to have at least one Lilit product


  • 1933
  • 1949
  • 1960
  • 1985
  • 2021

From Idea to Reality

With the rise of the Nazis to power in 1933, Eliyahu Nussbaum was forced to flee Germany in the dead of night along with his wife and two young children. In his search for a source of livelihood, since he could not practice his profession in Israel as a lawyer due to language limitations, and since in Germany he perfumed as a hobby, he found himself setting up a small cosmetics factory in the kitchen of his home in Israel under the name - Maria de Silva

In 1948, after the establishment of the state of Israel, the small factory he opened under the name 'Maria da Silva' received its Hebrew name - Lilit

The Foundation of Lilit

In 1949, the second generation joined the company. David Nussbaum and his labyrinthine wife, Yafa, had worked to expand the company's activities, which included self-production of perfumes, creams and makeup

The International World

In the early 1960s, David realized the potential of importing international brands to Israel and began searching for reputable brands. The first brand he represented was 'Tabac Original', which was followed by other brands

Growth and Expansion

In the 1980's, Nitza Bilet, David's eldest daughter, was appointed CEO of the company

Within a few years, she expanded the company's activities and marched it into new areas, which positioned it as the largest and leading company in the Israeli cosmetics industry

David's youngest daughter, Elia Bomze, joined her later as a pharmacist and was appointed director of the company's regulatory division

Since then

During the 2000s, the fourth-generation joined the leadership of the family company – Uri Bilet, currently the company's CEO, and Yael Bilet-Zin, currently the company's Chief of marketing. The join of the fourth generation alongside the cultivation of a solid core of loyal and dedicated employees, allow the company to march forward with pride

The company's consistent and impressive development is based on the values ​​of family and continuity that accompanied it since its foundation

Today, Lilit is the leading company in its field in Israel, and keeps cultivating its vision to introduce international cosmetics and perfume brands to the local market, while highlighting the latest global innovations. Lilit is not only the leading company in the fields of import, marketing and distribution, but also owns and operates the international makeup brand NARS stores around the country, several e-commerce platforms, the owned self-tanning brand ‘BYNETA’ and a partner in GOLDEN ELEMENTS LTD that distributes the successful perfume and care brand JIVAGO and holds a resume of countless strategic projects that are executed every year

The company's extensive activities are carried out from an innovative logistics center located in Shoham

Lilit's business vision, constant innovation and pursuit of excellence are also accompanied by a clear social vision. Lilit is proud to preserve and develop the values ​​of the founding generation – to maintain the principles of reliability and fairness, to cultivate the relationships with the staff, suppliers and retailers and to contribute to the community in various projects

With a glorious past and a vision that never ceases to be renewed – Lilit is the leading cosmetics group in Israel